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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Our company offers a series of innovative  complete, easy-to-follow CD-ROM based training courses in a variety of technical disciplines.  Presented in full motion video, sound and are packed with stunning 3D graphics. 

These comprehensive Video Books do not require much reading. Beautifully designed electronic books look like a real book on your computer screens, including realistic flipping pages, customizable book binder options, realistic-looking velvet or leather book covers, and much more...

All of the lessons are running in a full motion and sound video in a standard Windows,  Mac, and DVD formats.
See actual screen-shots for more detail...  

Our Company

ITTC Corporation delivers the highest quality products and
services.  Our innovative and timely solutions are the result of more than 30 years of industrial and scientific experience. The company offers the highest variety of product lines, ranging from educational/training solutions to a broad selection of consumer products. Additionally, our company offers extensive educational opportunities and resources in External Certified Training around the world, including Medical, Nursing, Business, and Technology / Engineering 

Education and Training

The only thing that is a constant today is change itself. As the new economy continues to change the way business is done, it will be essential for business people and their staff to commit to life long learning. In fact, companies and governments around the world are making ongoing learning mandatory and/or are providing financial incentives in order to encourage continuing educational development (WSI, 2004)


Our Commitment

ITTC is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the world's leading  companies as well as individuals. The company's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the quality, depth, and breadth of its knowledge and relationships, assures customers and suppliers that they have chosen the right partner to help them succeed.
ITTC's global scope and economies of scale, talented employees and commitment to professionalism and quality ensure that it will continue to be a leader in its class of service providers.

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